Ron Paul for PREZ! 2012

In Uncategorized on April 26, 2011 at 3:56 pm

If I was voting age. I would deff vote for him.

Lets vote for him!

Lets make sure that another Crackpot like Obama doesn’t get in again.

One AWESOME comment on the website is:

“I have not voted for over 20 years simply because I don’t believe in voting for the lesser evil of two candidates. There hasn’t been a single candidate in decades that truly believed in the values that our forefathers bled and died for. There has never been a candidate with enough integrity and courage to stand up to the corruption in Washington; until now.
Not only will I vote for Ron Paul, but I will gladly sacrifice my time, sweat, and money to help get him elected. May God bless Ron Paul and the united states of America.” – Jonah Reube

I personally think that I will be very hard for Obama to win this time

P.S: Go Check out:

.Ron Paul


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