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Forever Alone

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This is gonna win                                                                 No. I didn’t make this. I found it on 7chan. ITS HAPPENING TO NIGHT! KEEP YA EYES GLUED to the cam!

This would be cool if it really works.


Its at  7.30 PM.


Comcast Blocking TPB

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C’mon. THAT! SUXS!

Anonops Compromised.

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You already knew that didn’t you?

From the website:

“The person behind this attack is also involved in the “new” Encyclopedia Dramatica ( . If you have previously signed up as a user with a legitimate email-address/password, you should take caution and consider that your account and password *might* be compromised.” – Site
(Told you so. I hate ED!)

Barrett Brown

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Had to share this:
“Seriously, dude? I know you don’t like me but please refrain from making things up. I had nothing to do with this and immediately raised suspicions about it. See my comment from this morning in which I raise the exact same possibility as is now being raised in this submissions.

An article in Tech Herald will be coming out soon on the subject with more on why this would appear to be a false flag of the sort proposed here; Steve Ragan and I discussed it this afternoon and he came to the same judgement independently.

“So, to sum up, someone puts my name on a file and tries to give it to me on Twitter last night, I tell him via Twitter to go ahead and release it. I go to sleep, wake up, and reddit is all “OH LOOK SEEKRITS” and so is Daily Kos, I go to reddit and tell them I’m wary about it… and Kilgore Trout claims I got “trolled” despite the fact that I never signed off on this document (I never even finished downloading it, actually) and even raised suspicions about it this morning.” – AnonNews


I must say… Barrett Brown is a NameFa*

Osama Bin Laden really Dead?

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Is he really dead? Pictures will be released soon.