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Information on OPFacebook

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For those who can not access it….


Here are the CURRENT contents of it.

for Operation Facebook
July 4th 2011
Attention citizens of the world,
We wish to get the attention of the world. We hope you heed the warnings as follows:
Your medium of communicatom of information then join the cause and kill for the sake of your own privacy.
Facebook has  been selling private information to the NSA and other security firms so that they can spy on people from all around the world. How would you know that your account hasn’t been keylogged? Everything you do on Facebook stays on Facebook, deleting your account or making your account more “Private” is an illusion.Facebook knows more about you than your ffamily. You cannot hide from the reality in which you, the pplz of teh internetz, live in. Facebook is the opposite of the Antisec cause, you are not safe from then nor from any government. Prepare for a day that will go down in history. July 4th 2011, opfacebook. Engaged
We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Facebook: Expect us


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[13:31] -Tony_The_Tiger- [#OperationPayback] Welcome to #operationpayback. Please read the topic.
[13:31] #join #opsony
[13:31] The studio (?) for The Hobbit was going to film in another country until NZ sweetened the deal.
[13:31] no
[13:31] /
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[13:32] fayul
[13:32] /join #kill or #opsony
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[13:32] thx
[13:32] ^
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[13:32] i have a ne idea
[13:32] how long till psn is back
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[13:32] opwallstreet
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[13:32] opwallstreet!

Going on About to lurk the …

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Going on About to lurk the IRC